Childcare goals

Social welfare corporation Koseikai

We operate four nursery schools and certified child schools in Hiroshima City and Kumano Town.

At the social welfare corporation Koseikai, we aim to support children to be nurtured physically and mentally based on the childcare goals of "energy, obedience, and good children". We operate Children's Garden, Nursery School Makoto Gakuen, and Kuma no Chuo Nursery School.

Introduction of childcare facilities

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We perform "authorized childcare" by class composition according to age

  • Nursery school Hikari Gakuen

  • Hatchami Children's Garden

  • Kuma no Chuo Nursery School

  • Nursery school Makoto Gakuen


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Corporate information

Operates 4 gardens in Hiroshima City and Kumano Town


Corporate name

Social welfare corporation Koseikai

Street address

17-19 Ishigami, Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima

phone number
business hours

9: 00-18: 00

Regular holiday

Sundays and public holidays


Kosokai, a social welfare corporation, has a long history in Kumano and has responded to many children. A loving childcare worker responds to each and every kindergarten and has worked hard to provide meticulous support and guidance that values independence. There are many nursery teachers who can take pre-tours and consultation and treat each kindergarten equally, so please leave it to us when leaving important children.

About us

We operate nursery schools in Kumano and Asaminami

Please contact us if you are looking for a nursery school in Kumano / Asa Minami

Founded in 1969, it has a long history of more than 50 years. Starting in the Showa era, past the Heisei era, and now that it is Reiwa, the place of childcare for raising children is changing every day. What used to be commonplace is now old, and there are many cases where it is not suitable for children of this age. Advances in technology and research have increased the number of learning methods that encourage children's growth and enhance their individuality. With the goals of energetic, obedient, and good boys, which we have set up since the foundation of our company, we are striving to grow up with active children by spending a smile in their fulfilled lives and energizing themselves. I would like to have a brighter feeling, and to grow up in good spirits so that I can play with friends, recognize and support each other. Therefore, every day, the staff understands the characteristics of the children and has been working to create an environment that enables better childcare.
We provide childcare that meets the physical, human and business environments, and provides a place for children to grow up healthy. We also work with parents to send and exchange information. Please feel free to contact us as we are ready to discuss various matters.

We value childcare that comes in contact with nature

Life and learning in childhood is very important for the future of children. Therefore, we teach from various parts. Among them, childcare is carried out by incorporating learning in nature, where children are less likely to come into contact with them in recent years. Currently, there are not many opportunities to come into contact with nature. However, nature is important because it enriches the minds of children and also helps to develop various areas such as creativity, cognition, and attention. The nursery teacher will take care of you in a well-managed place to take care of problems so that children can play in nature. In addition, we also conduct picture book learning that enhances language ability, sentence comprehension ability, and memory ability, and leads to the development of children with high academic ability. With internationalization progressing in Japan as well, we have established a place for learning English and have developed the ability to be useful in the future.
A dietitian also prepares a lunch menu that incorporates nutritional science to support the development of a healthy body. As well as daily learning and meals, we also have many events and events, and we are engaged in activities to promote growth while enjoying a good time throughout the year, so please leave it to us.